The Viessmann Vitotrol app

The Viessmann Vitotrol App allows you to remotely operate a Viessmann heating system with Vitotronic controls. The operation of the app is simple, easy and comfortable to use from anywhere and at any time of the day. In Addition to its operational features, the Vitotrol App offers a comprehensive context driven online help function.

In order to operate the Vitotrol App, a Viessmann boiler with Vitotronic 200 controller (see “Prerequisites” section for detailed controller type) needs to be connected via a Vitocom 100 LAN1 communication interface to the buildings Internet Router. If the Internet Router is configured as a DHCP server, no further configuration is required.

Once the user and the site is registered, the user will be able to view and control the boiler’s space heating and domestic hot water functions with a mobile device. In addition, the user will be notified should any fault condition occur with the heating system. In essence, this application is not only a very convenient operating tool for the building owner, it also provides service contractors with the ability to offer additional service and maintenance activities.


Download Vitotrol App

The Vitotrol App supports the iOS and Android operating systems, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for iOS based devices, or the Google Play Store for Android based mobile devices.

Prerequisite conditions / usage requirements

In order to use the full range of the Vitotrol App the Viessmann communication interface Vitocom 100 type LAN1 needs to be installed. The Vitotrol app can be used if your heating system is equipped / provided with one of the following heating devices:

Wall mounted Viessmann boilers with the following Vitotronic control units

●  Vitodens with Vitotronic 200, Type HO1*
●  Vitodens 200 with Vitotronic 200, Type HO1A*
●  Vitodens 3xx with Vitotronic 200 RF, Type  HO1B** or HO1C
●  Vitodens 3xx with Vitotronic 200, Type  HO1B**
●  Vitodens 2xx with Vitotronic 200, Type  HO1B**
●  Vitodens 200 with Vitotronic 200, Type HO1D
●  Vitodens 200 with Vitotronic 200, Type HO2B****
●  Vitodens 3xx with Vitotronic 200, Type HO2B****
●  Vitosorp 200 with Vitotronic 200, Type HO1D
●  Vitotronic 300-K, Type MW2B

Small floor stand Viessmann boilers with the following Vitotronic control units

●  Vitocrossal 300 with Vitotronic 200, Type KW6B or KW6A*
●  Vitoladens 300-C with Vitotronic 200, Type KW6B or KW6A*
●  Small floor stand boilers with Vitotronic 200, Type KO1B or KO2B

Commercial boilers with the following Vitotronic control units

●  Vitotronic 200, Type GW1B
●  Vitotronic 300, Type GW2B or GW4B
●  Vitotronic 300, Type GW5B or GW6B
●  Vitotronic 300-K, Type MW1B
●  Vitotronic 200-H, Type HK1B or HK3B

Heat pumps with the following Vitotronic control units

●  Vitotronic 200, Type WO1A or WO1B or WO1C

Micro CHP devices with the following Vitotronic control units

●  Vitovalor 300-P*** with Vitotronic 200 RF, Type HO1E
●  Vitotwin 300 with Vitotwin Gateway

* For heating devices with these controls the ‘Party and Economy’ mode function is not available on the Vitotrol App.

** The ‘Party and Economy’ mode function is supported starting with boiler controller software version 45 or higher (manufactured since mid of 2012)

*** Since the Vitocom 300 LAN3 communication interface is shipped with the Vitovalor device, the Vitocom 100 LAN1 is not needed for these applications.

**** Only support for heating devices with integrated LAN card


The Vitotrol App can only support heating systems with Viessmann heating devices with supported Vitotronic controllers.

Additional usage requirements

●  Registration on the Viessmann Vitodata backend server
●  Free and direct access to the Internet with a flat data rate
●  Internet router (e.g. DSL/LAN/WLAN) with DHCP server function active

IP communication notes:

●  The Vitocom 100 LAN1 is by default configured for dynamic IP addressing via DHCP client application.
●  The Vitocom 100 LAN1 can be reconfigured to support static IP-addressing.
●  For administered IP networks, please contact your network administrator for defining the required network configuration of the Vitocom 100 LAN1.

Additional Notes for Vitotrol user and site registration

●  The Vitotrol user and site registration can be completely performed through the Vitotrol App registration process.
●  During the initial registration process, the user completes the user account registration and first site registration at the same time.
●  Additional sites can be registered under the same user account by performing the same process entering again the user data and the additional site data.
●  The registration process can alternatively be performed with the Vitodata Web user interface.

Shutdown support for out of date Vitotrol App version 4.1.x

Are you using Vitotrol App with out of date software version (Version 4.1.x or older) on your mobile device? Then please read the following:

The support of the old software version will end in December 2015! Then the affected users will not be able to connect to their Vitocoms or receive any notifications on their mobile devices any more. The use of  Vitodata on  "" is independent from that and is still available.

Since August 2014, Vitotrol App Version 4.2.x (Actual Version 4.2.1) has been available for Apple and Android devices. Besides, the new major release Version 4.3.x  was published in December 2015.

The affected users should do the following steps to reactivate their Vitotrol App again:

Please update the Vitotrol App or reinstall it on your mobile device.

●  For Updating, please read the update instructions for apps on your mobile device.
●  For Reinstalling, please start Apple Store (iPhone or iPad) or Google Play (Android devices) and search for "Vitotrol App". Then, follow the recommended steps.

After installation, please start the Vitotrol App. Log in once again to your Vitotrol App.

Vitocom 100 Typ LAN1 | Product information

Vitocom 100 type LAN1 for communication with the Vitotrol app

The Vitocom 100 LAN1 serves as a communication interface to remotely control and monitor your heating system. For this it needs to be connected the existing LAN network or directly to the Internet router onsite. In its function, the Vitocom initiates all IP communication to the backend server, which in turn provides data to the Vitotrol App.

Vitocom 100 type LAN1 delivery scope / content

The Vitocom 100, Type LAN1 is delivered with the following components:

●  Vitocom 100, Type LAN1 communication device
●  Communication module to install in the boiler controller
●  Connecting cable for LAN and communication module


Subject to the standard equipment of the heat generator, the Vitocom 100 LAN1 is available with or without communication module.

Compatible mobile terminals

The Vitotrol App supports the following mobile terminal devices:

●  Mobil devices supporting the Apple operating system iOS Version 7.0 or higher
●  Mobil devices supporting the Google operating system Android 4.0 or higher

Vitotrol App | Function range

The Viessmann Vitotrol app will provide access to the following features of the Vitotronic heating system:

●  Easy to use access to heating program, room temperature setpoint, the DHW temperature setpoint and holiday program
●  Time timer programs for space heating, DHW and DHW recirculation
●  Transparent display of operating parameters including all relevant temperatures
●  Display of efficiency data including solar yield and operating status
●  Integrate Showcase function


System configuration

[1] Heating device with communication module
[2] Vitocom 100 LAN1
[3] LAN-Connection
[4] DSL-Router
[5] Vitodata Server
[6] WLAN-Connection
[7] WLAN-Connection or mobile network
[8] WLAN-Connection or mobile network System configuration


IP Communication

[1] Vitocom – IP Communication
- Dynamic IP Adressing with DHCP Client (default)
- Can be configured for static IP Addressing
- IP communication will always be initiated by the Vitocom

[2] IP Kommunikation zum operativen Vitodata Server
- URL: https://httpsconnector.
- IPs*: or
- Port: 443

[3] IP Communication to the Vitodata Server
- URL: https://vitocomupdate.
- IPs*: or
- Port 443

[4] IP Communication to the Vitotrol App user interface
- URL:
- IPs*: or
- Port: 443

*Note: The IPs could change, if IP Network restructuring will be required