Vitogate 200 Type KNX (7542150) from 05/2016

Device data

To add new controller types, press „Update device data“ in the ETS-Plugin and follow the instructions.

> Device data Version 5.4.28 (ZIP)

> Release Notes for device data

Important note for systems with integration of a solar thermal system

For solar thermal systems that are integrated via an SM1 module, the Vitogate 200 device data version 5.4.22 should be used if the solar data should be transmitted to the KNX system.

> Device data version 5.4.22 (ZIP)

For solar systems that are integrated via a Vitosolic 100 / 200 module, the Vitogate 200 device data version 5.4.28 should be used.

Notes for the system operation

Prerequisite for using a separate cooling circuit

To be able to activate the separate cooling circuit with the Vitogate 200, the following settings should be made on the local control panel after configuring the gateway:

  1. Deactivate the room temperature control (0x7105) (using the installation and service instructions for the Vitotronic 200, type WO1C for the specialist).
  2. Activate the "Separate cooling circuit" operating program with the settings "Cooling/WW" (system version with DHW heating) or "Cooling" (system version without DHW heating).
  3. The approval "Active Cooling" on the local control panel (optional, if the functionality "Active Cooling" is available and desired).

After the settings have been made, cooling is triggered via a separate cooling circuit by lowering the "Room temperature setpoint".

Data point lists

Please submit your requests for Vitogate data point lists directly to your Viessmann sales office.